A Not-So-Good Day

I had hoped to have spent much of the day in Toronto, attending the launch of Megan Crewe’s new novel, The Way We Fall at Bakka/Phoenix bookstore, but it was not meant to be. On Thursday, Nora had a bad night with a small fever and tummy trouble that made her throw up and kept the rest of us (except Vivian) awake. We kept Nora home from school that day, but the truth was that she had mostly recovered by the morning, so we hoped that this was the last we’d heard of this little sickness.

Unfortunately, it appears to be contagious.

Erin was up most of the night last night throwing up, and while I didn’t share her nausea, I was fatigued and had a bad headache. I ended up sleeping most of the day until about 4, and was still pretty useless after that.

Of course, both kids were perfectly fine, which takes things to a new level of suffering. But my folks were able to take the kids out to breakfast and entertain them for most of the morning. And Vivian was a trooper, making good noises about taking care of us.

So, of course the idea of braving the traffic down to Toronto to attend a launch event was unthinkable. If nothing else, carrying the plague to a launch event for a book that’s about a plague is way too much irony that one should engage in, in a normal day.

I am feeling mostly better, now, and Erin’s been able to hold down most of her food since noon, today, so we appear to be on the mend. But let me curse the fates for the ill-timing of this illness.

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