Celebrating the Arrival of Early Spring


After yesterday’s freezing temperatures, the high this afternoon raced into the teens, and it was the first day the neighbourhood kids were out in earnest. Vivian and Nora got some much needed sun, rode their bikes, and played on the playground equipment with their friends.

With the highs throughout the week consistently in their teens, it does look like spring is here. We have shoots in the garden and buds on the trees. It’s important not to get too complacent, as history tells us that winter can strike at any moment up to the end of April, but so far this year, this has felt like the Winter that wasn’t. I sort of feel that we’ve been spared, but it also feels quite unnatural. And I hope the summer isn’t too hot this year.

Yesterday was the first day since January 30th when I did not write a blog post. That was largely due to the welcome visit of Cameron, who shared some more wonderful movies with us and gave the kids lots of piggyback rides. It’s always good to have him over, and we look forward to seeing him again soon.

The only thing marring this day is the shift to Daylight Savings Time. On the plus side, this means more light in the evening, which I have missed. On the minus side, we lose an hour of sleep and have to change all the clocks. Cue my semi-annual rant about why we don’t just shift the clocks over half an hour and just be done with the whole exercise, but never mind. It’s hard to be all ranty on a day like today. I actually bought charcoal brickets and barbecued up some decent hamburgers!

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