Look! Look!


Nora points at a display in the biology section of the Royal Ontario Museum during our visit on March Break.

It’s a bit busy here, so it’ll be a short post today. My mother-in-law Rosemarie is here, and the kids are really, really excited to see their grandma!

As for me, my latest column for the Kitchener Post is here. Here’s my take on the political manoeuvrings taking place around the budget this month.

In other news, work continues apace for my apartment broker, but I’m also editing The Night Girl; remember that? I might not be able to publish it, but I decided I could give it one more thorough edit to get it out the door in some format, and I commissioned Susan Fish at Storywell to edit it. I think she’s done a good job identifying some of the parts that weren’t working, and I’m having a go at correcting them. Hopefully, you’ll be seeing the fruits of my labours in the coming months.

Finally, March goes out like a lion. I know many people are complaining about the new snow but, for me, after the winter we’ve had, when I saw the flakes falling, I couldn’t help but smile and say, ‘hello, old friend’. It’s just not time to quite let go of winter, yet.


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