What Made Me Smile Today


This should firmly establish my geek cred as I push on into my forties. Not that my geek cred was in any way in question, I’m sure. Thanks to the good folks at Pixel Barrel for shipping this set over to me on my birthday.

I had a bit of a mope this afternoon. I finally heard back from an agent who had been considering Icarus Down for the past six months. The answer was not what I was hoping for. As rejections go, it was very positive, but still, it’s discouraging to be back at square one. Those of you who remember how many times I was rejected before Rosemary and Time became The Unwritten Girl should note that this struggle doesn’t always go away.

But, as they say: knocked down seven times, get up eight. I intend to get up. Monday, I’ll have the manuscript before other prospective agents.

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