You Sank My...!


I have to admit that one of the things I enjoy about going to the movies is going to see the “coming soon” trailers. They can be little bursts of excitement that get you pumped to see the movie you’re actually there to see, or they can be things to laugh at.

A case in point for the latter is an upcoming movie starring Liam Neeson called, simply, Battleship.

A movie, which says up front that it’s “based on the classic board game by Hasbro”.

When Erin and I heard this, we both burst out laughing in the theatre. And when we saw some clips of the movie, we laughed even harder. Apparently, there are aliens involved in this movie. I guess when you start with a blank slate of “let’s make a movie based on a simple board game”, you as a screenwriter stare at at your typewriter for hours on end before downing shots of bourbon and shouting, “screw this! I’m throwing in aliens!”

There is a scene where an alien ship raises a wall of water which surrounds the fleet. A seaman shouts, “they’re raising a barrier, sir!”, and I added, “and, look, a grid has appeared on the ocean! We’re on G-ten, sir!”

We quite enjoyed The Hunger Games, and talked a lot about it as we went home. We also spent some time talking about Battleship, which I called the dumbest idea ever to hit movies in the history of movies. But Erin has a good point: there are dumber ideas out there.

They could make a movie out of Connect Four, for example. And rain coloured disks down from the sky.

Actually, that would be kind of a fun challenge to try and make a movie out of that premise.

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