Well, what did you WANT me to do?


Early one morning, I was woken up by Vivian’s shouting and carrying on. Very quickly, it was clear what was upsetting her.

“Spider! Spider! SPIDER!!!”

I ran into her room and found her standing on her bed pointing at the wall. “Spider! Spider! SPIDER!”

I’m still pretty addled with sleep, so it takes me a minute to spot what she’s pointing at.

“Spider! Spider! SPIDER!!!”

But, sure enough, there it is: a little daddy longlegs is crawling up the wall.

So I did what any father would do. I swung my hand and crushed the thing like a bug. WHAM! The spider fell lifeless to the floor.

Vivian stared astonished for a long minute, then glared at me. “I didn’t say to KILL it!!”

After staying with us since Easter, Grandma Rosemarie is heading home. The kids and everyone here will miss her. We all had a great time in this month of birthdays. She’ll be back on the 26th, though, as Erin and I prepare to head off on our train trip to Vancouver. Looking forward to that.

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