Get Your Motor Running...

The other day, while I was returning home, I spotted an elderly gentleman riding a scooter on the sidewalk, and I thought to myself, he’s riding that scooter awfully slow.

Then I realized that the elderly gentleman wasn’t riding a scooter, he was riding a motorized wheelchair, except that it was made up to look almost like a Vespa.

And I thought to myself, that’s a good idea. While the mobility offered by these motorized assistance devices is invaluable, there’s still a stigma attached to these devices, but if you think about it, not much separates a motorized wheelchair with handlebars from an electric scooter or small motorcycle like a Vespa, except speed. But while one does not expect a motorized wheelchair to travel with the speed of a Vespa, there’s no reason why it shouldn’t look like one, now is there? How much better will that individual feel if he rides around in one of these, saying to himself, yes, it’s a motorized wheelchair, but I look good in it. I look damn good!

That’s a million dollar idea, right there.

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