Metallic Love

A month ago or so, you all saw this picture below:


This is, of course, the Doctor Who Chase Dalek and Mechanoid set that I purchased from Pixel Barrel as a birthday treat for myself, and set up tastefully prominently on one of the shelves of my living room bookcase.

Well, earlier today, I was by that bookcase, and saw that these figures had been rearranged like this:


The picture doesn’t show it too clearly, but the long, curved arms of the Mechanioid (middle) have been pushed out and are now draped (sort of) around either side of the flanking Daleks. Like they were the best of buddies.

The culprit, it turns out, was Vivian, who arranged them thus because, “they should get married”.

And clearly they’ve immigrated to Canada to enjoy freedoms completely unheard of on Skaro or Mechanus.

On a completely different note, my latest column for the Kitchener Post is over here

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