Armpit Candy


This picture was taken by a closed checkout counter in the HyVee grocery store in Vermillion, South Dakota, a few days ago. Why did I take this shot? Well, a few reasons.

One, this wasn’t the only M&M figurine in the store. There were a number, and management had deliberately set them up to block access to closed checkout lanes while, incidentally, selling candy out of them. Given their ulterior purpose, not to mention their facial features, I half expected them to challenge anybody who tried to leave the store without going through an open check-out lane. The effect was disconcerting, to say the least.

Two, look at where management put the candy these figurines are supposed to be selling. Well, not that they had much choice; it’s how these things were designed. But, still, would you buy candy that you pulled from the armpits of an anthropormophized candy-person?

And, finally, look at what the M&M character is selling: Skittles. Am I the only person who sees something odd in this? How often do the M&M characters mention Skittles in their advertisements in spite of the fact that M&Ms share a similar appearance and packaging? “None” is, I believe, the answer you’re looking for. And doesn’t that suggest a certain amount of jealousy between the two brands — if indeed they’re even made by the same candy company? As in “we won’t ever speak about our fruity brethren”? So how is this M&M chick’s colleagues likely to react if they catch her selling out the enemy?

Yes, those things did honestly run through my mind when I saw this figurine and snapped a picture. This is the interesting life I lead.

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