Erin Runs for the Cure

Running for the Cure

A few weeks ago, Erin was not a runner. But, like me, she felt the need to get more active — if only to be able to keep up with our kids. She purchased a web app called Coack-to-5K, which guided complete jogging novices to running longer and longer stretches until they could reach five kilometres.

A couple of weeks ago, she started looking around for races that could challenger her and officially show that she had indeed run 5K, and she settled on Run For the Cure. Her friends and family helped raise over $500 for cancer research and gave her great incentive to race. The kids made signs, Erin’s mother Rosemarie told me to pick her up some yellow flowers to give her at the finish line (sadly, I was sick on Saturday, and the flower shop was closed Sunday, but I was able to get these on Monday), and Erin psyched herself up for her run.

Well, she did it. Someone who could barely keep up with the 8 minutes of straight running at the start of her odyssey, finished the hilly 5K race in and around Bingeman Park in 41 minutes, 30 seconds. We are all proud of her. Very proud.

Flowers for the Run

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