One Other Thought About the Angels Take Manhattan...

So the Weeping Angels have gotten themselves an entire apartment building on the Lower West Side (not Lower East Side as I suggested earlier, since you can see the Statue of Liberty from the building), and are luring people inside and zapping them back in time to consume their temporal potential. And the people then spend the rest of their lives in New York in a pretty decently kept up apartment building… with their own rooms, free of rent.


I guess my question now is, how did the Angels beat back the crowds? Free rent in New York City? All we have to do is get zapped back in time? Sign me up! Curse the Doctor and his companions for crashing the party!

I’m reminded of the first season episode of Angel, where Cordelia finally gets a decent apartment, only to discover that it’s haunted by a malevolent ghost. Paraphrased the conversation could go like this:

Rory: We’re not giving up this apartment!
Doctor: It’s full of Weeping Angels!
Amy: It’s rent controlled!

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