Vivian's Seventh Birthday


So, as of yesterday, Vivian has reached the Age of Reason. Which somewhat highlights the silliness of the concept. Vivian seems no more reasonable than she was a week ago and, at the same time, she seems wise beyond her years.

But she has been transforming into a startling big girl. I’m now having those deep conversations that I looked forward to years ago when I held her and she was lighter than our cat Gus. She has plans for cars which don’t use gasoline (pedal power!), and believes rich people should do more to help poor people, and wouldn’t the world be a better place if we were all just a little bit nicer?

One hopes that this never changes, but of course it will.

Still, Vivian is smart and exuberant, and if there’s anybody who can take on the world, I’m pretty sure that it is she.


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