Warehouse 13: What Was Joshua Donovan Doing in Menlo Park?

Okay, by a little accident with iTunes, episodes 9 and 10 of Warehouse 13’s fourth season arrived earlier this season for me, while we were still receiving episode 4 or so.

Let me explain: I bought the Warehouse 13 fourth season pass on iTunes, and near as I can tell, it automatically downloads a new episode of Warehouse 13 about twelve hours after it debuts on Showcase in Canada. Rights issues are involved, and because Showcase has first Canadian rights, I have to wait a couple of weeks to get to see Artie and company, after the Americans have gotten their fix.

But, for some reason, episodes 9 and 10 plopped into my inbox early. Some glitch or something. But Erin and I decided we’d hold off on watching these episodes until the rest of the season caught up. Last week, we downloaded episode 8, which meant a mini-marathon as we jumped ahead of the rest of Canada.

So, if my calculations are correct, you’ve all seen episode 9 of Warehouse 13’s fourth season, entitled The Ones You Love. I trust you’ll agree that it was brilliant, with Saul Rubinek putting on a fantastic performance, and the big reveal of the season being genuinely big and shocking. Really, I think this is one of the best twists Warehouse 13 has done.

I don’t want to review the whole episode, but I would like to raise a question that’s been rattling around in my head these past few days. What exactly was Joshua Donovan doing in Menlo Park?

Because, if you’ll recall, it was Evil Artie who sent him there, and this becomes important, because it’s this fact (and the fact that Good Artie doesn’t remember doing this) that allows Claudia, Pete and Myka to unravel the deception. Artie didn’t have to send Joshua to Menlo Park in order to get at him. Artie knows where Joshua works and could easily have sent the artefact to Joshua’s office in CERN. Was the move simply done so that the writers could make the mystery unravel? Or is there something more, here?

Note also that the artifact that Evil Artie sent Joshua was the least lethal of the three. Artie turned Myka’s sister into a psychopathic killer. Artie almost made Pete’s ex-wife blow up. For Claudia’s brother, Artie encased the young man in life-suspending-but-still-sustaining amber, making it little more than a puzzle for Claudia to solve and resolve.

For whatever reason, Evil Artie didn’t want Joshua Donovan dead, and he made it a lot easier for Claudia to save him than he did the other agents to save their loved ones.

Warehouse 13 has not been quite this devious before, which is why my suspicion is that this is a throwaway element brought in by the writers to make it easier for the agents to suss out Artie’s secret. But if Evil Artie has put Joshua to work on something, and it comes up later in the season, I will be so pleased!

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