Vivian's Seventh Birthday Party


Busy weekend. Yesterday was Vivian’s seventh birthday party. Given that Vivian’s birthday is so close to Halloween, we thought it wise to push her friends-celebration back a bit to spread out the sugar. Vivian’s family-celebration went on as planned on the day itself.

This year we did something a little bit different. Rather than entertaining the kids ourselves, Erin discovered this outfit called Mad Science. Just as some places send clowns to entertain at birthday parties, this place sends a mad scientist, who stands up and performs exciting (and educational) experiments in front of the children.

I got to say, money well spent (and it was quite reasonable, too!). The visiting scientist (Professor Splash) loaned Vivian a lab coat and really knew how to hold the kids rapt for an hour. And I couldn’t help but chuckle when Professor Splash asked “who knows what combustion is?” and all the boys put up their hands. It all culminated with the children being taught how to make silly putty, which was a nice extra gift to put in their loot bags.

Vivian also held her own, thanks to knowledge gleaned from Mythbusters. She knew what the combustion triangle was, for instance. And I think it is especially cool that our mad scientist was a woman. Vivian already knows that science is cool, but sometimes I wonder if she’s convincing the other girls of this. Having Professor Splash as backup certainly helps.

Erin has posted more photos of this event on her Facebook page, here.

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