Lego Relationships

Lego Boy Meets Lego Girl

Now that Nora is old enough, Lego is more than welcome in our house. We are now the proud owners of a big bucket of Lego and numerous sets have been combined into it. On more than a few afternoons, we’ve dumped this bucket on the floor and fallen upon it, building whatever takes our fancy.

And the grandparents, knowing a good thing when they see one, have helpfully contributed to the Lego stash, including Lego from the new “Friends” series, which is specifically Lego marketed for girls.

A few people have pointed out the presumption of marketing Legos specifically for girls. They note the pastel rather than the primary colours involved. They’ve noticed that the girls of the “Friends” set look like they were from a different species from “normal” Lego. And they noted that “Heartlake City” has no fire stations. No police stations. No transportation centres. No garages. Only bakeries and beauty shops — stores that are conspicuously absent from the boy brands.

All that has been said and more. But I think the best comment about this attempt to market special sets of Lego exclusively for girls is what the girls did with the set upon opening it.

Simply put, they mushed it together with the Harry Potter Lego Game set. And now one of the Lego girls is carrying Harry Potter himself on the back of her bicycle (see below).

Sometimes you a pink brick is just the brick you need to go with the bright primary blue. My question is, why do the sets have to be segregated so?

Lego Girl Brings Harry Potter Home.

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