Gadgetted Out (For Now)

Apple Gadgets!As little as a year ago, you couldn't keep me away from an Apple Store. There's one in Des Moines, at a posh mall at the edge of town, and I'd make any excuse to go there. And when I went there, I'd step inside, look at all the gadgets, and droll.

It's different today. Earlier this week, after coming back from Vermillion, we stopped at the same mall, mostly to let the kids use their indoor playground and spend a little energy. I got a break to wander the mall, and I paid a visit to the Apple Store. I didn't stay long.

Part of it was the crowds, but even without crowds, I don't spend nearly as much time drooling over Apple's latest gadgets as I used to. The iPads don't excite me, and neither do the iPad minis. The new retina MacBooks turn my head, but I don't get the same rush I used to when I fool around with them. Instead, I'm content with what I have.

I'd almost say that perhaps this shows that I've matured, if not for one small detail: I already have the top-of-the-line Apple products that I need -- or, at least, close to it.

My last big gadget purchase was the iPhone 5, which looked to be a substantial improvement on the iPhone 4S, and for the most part, was. Better yet, I was able to renew my contract with Bell and sell off my old iPhone 4S and get a new phone for a lot less, and incidentally cut my monthly mobile phone bill by $40.

As for computers, I admit that I winced when Apple upgraded the insides of its MacBook Air just five months after I purchased mine (8 GB of memory instead of 4!), but the machine I have runs as fast as anything I've ever used, and it's more than capable of handling the Adobe software I throw at it.

And the iPad has never interested me. I can see that it's a beautiful machine that might make computers useful for complete technophobes, but I'm a writer. I need a keyboard. So I own a Macbook Air and an iPhone 5, and between the two, I have my computer needs settled. Why would I need a third device to straddle the gap between the other two?

There are, however, rumours of further upgrades to the Macbook line. The appearances won't change, but the internal specs might. More RAM, a finer-grained display and possibly even faster wifi. So far, these features are rumours, but I do wonder about my own self control, here. After all, how did I get to where I was just before February, looking at the Macbook Air and going "want... want... precious..."

And if I do cave in fifteen to eighteen months time and buy a new computer to replace the one that turns two years old, will Apple upgrade the specs again three months later?

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