Tiny Little Boxes

The Man/Woman ShowSo, I spotted these flyers in the change room of my gym today. They're actually the same flyer, but you're seeing the front of one and the back of the other.

One side promotes the "Total MAN Show" (emphasis on MAN!), at Bingeman Park this weekend, where attendees can see SPORTS! FASHION! AUTOS! TOOLS! GAMING! AND MORE! While the "Total Woman Show" (no emphasis), attendees can hear speakers and attend workshops, see fashion shows, learn about health and wellness and receive goodie bags.

Both shows are printed on the same flyer, held on the same weekend and at the same place, so of course they're connected. But one wonders how they'll be arranged at the conference centre. Will there be a sheet run down the middle of the room, segregating the sexes? Or will the men go to one part of the convention centre, and the woman the other part, where both sides will hunker down behind closed doors to keep their secrets?

I can't help but be offended by this. I mean, women can like cars too. Women like tools. And some men care about health and wellness. Must I "Man Up?" Are women to be banned from seeing the AUTOS and the BARBECUES? And will men be bodily thrown out if they try to sit in on the fashion shows? What a shame they're trying to put us into tiny little boxes. I'm almost tempted to go, just so I can attend the "wrong" show. Who's with me?

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