Going Underground

Underground City

The blog has been slow, again, but I am pleased to say that I've been keeping my writing up. Between the Kitchener Post, my work for my real estate broker client, and The Night Girl, I've managed to get a couple thousand words onto paper (or, rather, computer) this past week.

Here's my latest post that I wrote for the Kitchener Post. I must confess that I went on a rant, but the good thing about the Post is that I'm limited to just 600 words each week. When I drew up my initial column, I found I'd written over 800 words. Editing is something that I think we as bloggers don't get to do, and I think perhaps our writing suffers because of it. Because I had to lop off a quarter, it really forced me to hone my prose. Hopefully, the effect is a tightly written, but still strong take on the Conservatives' interference with the Saskatchewan redistribution commission.

In the meantime, The Night Girl got another 1,000 words added this past week. Thanks to Erin and Rosemarie looking after the kids, I was able to go into Toronto and get some writing time. If you'd been around, you might have spotted me with my laptop in the heart of Toronto's underground city, drinking in the atmosphere for the story.

Fortunately, the weather cooperated yesterday. Though Kitchener was cold and icy, Toronto was warmer. However, it has been uniformly grey all week, and I think we're all getting down with the SADs. Today, we decided to do something about it by going to the Cambridge Butterfly Conservacy. I know my father sympathizes. He would usually visit Toronto's Allen Gardens around this time of year. It's a little far to go into Toronto for just some tropical plantlife, so the Conservancy serves. Better yet, it has butterflies, which invariably charm the children. Certainly worth the cover price.

As for other things to entertain the children, I suspect we'll be visiting this place at some point during March Break. Hopefully there won't be too much mayhem.

Last year, I was alarmed by how unwinter-like winter was being. This is more normal, but I'm ready for it to be spring, now. We're counting down the days, though the truth is, it's because the weather is like this that we appreciate spring as much as we do. In the meantime, we are writing. So that's something.

Here's more photos from our visit to the Cambridge Butterfly Conservancy.


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