Someone is Watching Me


ME: “Hey, Erin! I thought up a new superpower!”

ERIN: “Oh, really? Do tell.”

ME: “The superpower is you know when somebody is looking at you.”

ERIN: “In person or through a camera?”

ME: “Both!”

ERIN: “That is quite a superpower.”

ME: “Yup. Thought so.”

ERIN: “Imagine giving that to a teenage girl.”

ME: “Heh. Yeah. Poor girl.”

(The image on the right is entitled Watching You, Watching Me and is by David Luther Thomas. It is used in accordance with his Creative Commons license.)

My latest column for the Kitchener Post is now up over here, wherein I review GO Transit’s Kitchener train service and offer suggestions on how to improve it. Although the big changes that could shave 30 minutes off the run won’t come about until funding arrangements are made with the obstructionists that currently lease the line, I think GO Transit could make its early morning train even better if it would just pair it up with the next train that leaves Georgetown and runs express from Bramalea. Currently the Kitchener train departs at 5:49 and gets into Toronto at 7:53, running as a local. Tying the train in with the 7:06 departure from Georgetown could allow it to depart Kitchener at 6:10 and still get into Union at 8:01. What say you, GO Transit?

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