Hopefully, We Haven't Bitten Off More than We Can Chew...

living-room-renovations.jpgAfter complaining that I haven't had the time to really write for this blog, I ended up starting into a bit of a roll. And then I go quiet for two days. What gives? Well, this does.

The picture above is the early stages of our renovation of our living room. Early this week, we purchased about 500 square feet of flooring and then set to work moving our life out of the biggest room in our house.

The best intensions of the world can't keep the the chaos out of the rest of the house. We have nine bookcases in our living room. We made about five visits to the liquor store. We now have about five boxes of poetry, and twenty boxes of fiction, hiding in the basement. We've chucked our sofa in the rubbish heap. I'm afraid we found some things behind that sofa which, after years of being stuck behind a wall, we really don't want to talk about.

But this needs to be done. The carpet needed replacing when we moved into the house back in 2001, and it's now 12 years later. We believe that the carpet may be original with the house. Pulling it up revealed an ancient plywood subfloor, and the carpet glue had degraded to a fine white sand. Our house was built in 1977, meaning the carpet may be 36 years old. Not bad for a carpet.

But in spite of the chaos, it's going well. The new flooring looks great, and the bulk of it is down. We also hired a painter who is tackling our fifteen-foot-tall walls, which means that the bulk of the renovations will be done by tonight. We can finish the flooring, and start moving our life back into our living room.

We also purchased enough flooring to replace the carpet in our dining room, which has a fish tank and five bookcases of its own, but we'll tackle that after Easter.


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