In the Sun

Another slow period on the blog, which means a busy period elsewhere. After a brief pause for taxes, our renovations have kicked up again. We’ve extended our new vinyl laminate flooring from the living room to the landing, and now the dining room beckons. And, note to my father: the stairs are wood and fibre-board. They need covering. Rosemarie suggests maybe getting in new carpet, which could be inexpensive and, better yet, we pay somebody else to do it. Also, it would be less slippery and easy on the kids’ feet.

There’s been some progress on The Night Girl, and I hope to do more this coming week. No news yet on Icarus Down, and I will report when there is some. I haven’t seen the latest episode of Doctor Who (entitled The Rings of Akhaten), but it is on my iTunes, and I expect to watch it tonight and give you my review tomorrow morning. Also, check out the new look I gave Transit Toronto.

In the meantime, I offer you above this video of Michael Stipe and Coldplay live on Austin City Limits. The video itself is pretty simple, but the tune — a cover of Joseph Arthur’s In the Sun — is fantastic, in my opinion, and well worth a listen. Somehow, I think it covers the heart of what I think of when I think of Icarus Down. It is part of the unofficial soundtrack.

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