A Poem

Received the following e-mail a few minutes ago.

Dear James Bow:

We are writing to ask you to submit to our new magazine The Round Thing. The Round Thing is actively seeking submissions on a variety of topics and we are interested in getting a poem from you. The Round Thing is looking to publish the best in art and literature as well as the latest in science and technology with the hope of generating a dialogue between information producers and consumers. There are no guidelines for submission, we will accept anything from a short note up through a full volume, you may send submissions to us by email or through the website at http://www.theroundthing.com/content/round-thing-submission-page. The magazine will be published as an e-book, and available through online sellers. We are soliciting material from several people, submissions are open to the public and currently there is no plan for peer review. Submissions will be published with a non-exclusive license and submission is understood as permission to publish with the understanding you have all the necessary rights for us to publish it. We hope this letter finds you well and you are enjoying the weather. Please let us know if you have any questions, we are excited about this project and we look forward to your response with a sense of general anticipation.

Morgan Burns
(978) 884-2786

I am thinking of writing back with the following.

A Poem

Roses are red
Violets are blue
You have requested a poem from an urban planner, novelist and a moderately well-known sci-fi geek.

Erin says my scansion is beautiful.

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