Bumper Stickers that Do Not Comfort the Person Behind You


For those who can’t see, the bumper sticker says, “Driving under the influence of angels”.

Is it worth pointing out that Lucifer was an angel? And what about the Angel of Death?

Anyway, as you can see, output on the blog has diminished over the past month. Things have been busy here. We made good progress on the renovations and I think they look great. Thanks to Grandma Rosemarie for providing invaluable help with the painting, and with wrangling the kids.

I’ve also been busy with The Night Girl rewrite, which has now passed the 23,000 word mark. I’m still feeling my way through the plot. I’ve introduced elements that might have to be dropped, and others that may push out earlier elements. It’s very much in flux at the moment, which is what I was hoping for. I have nailed down the first quarter of the story, however.

This is the exciting part of writing a novel: just exploring it, not knowing quite where it’s going, and discovering elements for the first time. It’s been a couple of years since I’ve been able to do this, so the feeling is welcome.

I’ve also been down with a cold. And the worst thing about colds at this time of year — for me, anyway — is that you go into them thinking, “geez, my allergies are really bad”. It’s only a few hours after you wonder why your allergy medication isn’t working that you realize what’s what. So, for those I’ve infected in the incubation period, my apologies.

I’ve also been watching Doctor Who, and the returning Warehouse 13. I hope to have a review of the former in a day or so, and perhaps the latter as well. Either way, it’s been a good time in front of the television as well. Which is ironic, given how nice the weather is outside, at last.

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