What the Heck are Burpees?


So, our gym is having a fitness challenge, pictured above. I’m not sure if we have to work up to doing 100 “burpees)” in 100 days, or if we have to do just 100 burpees in 100 days (1 burpee a day? I can do that. Fetch me some soda!), but I post this sign here because the campaign does not appear to be taking off.

Problem one may well be this sign, which unlike the motivational posters usually found at our gym, doesn’t really… motivate.

Problem two is that some dullard named these exercises “burpees”. Seriously, just exercising is hard enough. How is somebody supposed to tout that accomplishment? “I did 100 burpees today!” / “You poor dear! Have you tried going to a Gastroenterologist?”

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