So, This Appeared Over the Skies of Australia...


And I have one question:

What the hell, Australia?

Seriously? What the hell? What. The. Hell?

It’s not enough that you have the most poisonous snakes of any continent in the world. It’s not enough that you have deadly spiders sneaking into swimming pools. It’s not enough that you have a mammal with a duck bill that lays eggs and possesses a venomous stinger that can cause debilitating pain.

It’s not enough that you have Jack Jumper Ants that will swarm out of their nests and jump all over some unsuspecting soul six feet away who happens to walk past, delivering painful bites and stings — ants which entomologists apparently believe were made extinct elsewhere in the world possibly because the other ants ganged up and killed these ants because they were too dangerous to live. Now you give us this.

Can you imagine somebody driving along a lonely road in the outback, miles away from anything, worried about making it to the next habitation before the sun sets and/or the gas runs out, cresting a hill and seeing this thing on the horizon. Can you imagine what they would do?

I could easily see them doing a U-turn and hi-tailing it back where they came from. “Sorry, kids! We’re going back to Sydney. We only have to worry about sharks, there. And spiders. And ants.”

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