This Blog is Not Abandoned


Though I bet sometimes you wonder, right?

Today was a Daddy-Daughter day, as I took daughter the elder out of school and into Toronto. This time, we visited the Ontario Science Centre, which is the perfect place for inquisitive kids to go running around and learn stuff. Just like the Iowa Science Museum, they know the value of just letting the children play, and the place is a lot larger. We ended up leaving without seeing all there was to see, but by that time daughter the elder was ready to head for home.

The school year is nearly at an end, which means the annual scramble to find things for the kids to do in the summer months. Sometimes the kids take care of that issue themselves, since we live in a very kid-friendly neighbourhood where it's safe enough to just let them go out the door and go to the neighbourhood park (there are a lot of eyes on the street to keep the kids safe). But that doesn't cover the whole summer, so I managed to put together special day camps for the kids for four of the nine weeks this summer.

Two of the weeks are art camps, which the kids are looking forward to, and two more are day camps out in the country. I wasn't sure if the kids would go for it, but as soon as I mentioned that they would be teaching archery, both kids said, "Yes! Sign us up, Daddy!"

Hmm... Should I warn the grandparents against buying the kids Nerf suction-cup archery kits for Christmas? Nah, I'll just make sure the kids bring them along when they visit...

So, I have been busy, but in spite of the lack of activity on the blog, I have been writing. Here's a selection:

In addition to all that, I've received more work from my real estate broker which will involve research and writing through the summer. So, there is a lot going on, just not on this blog. Still, I hope to have a few new posts later this month. Things are always happening, so hopefully I'll have good news to report.

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