Blue Sun, by Vivian Bow


Vivian has been practising her poetry, thanks to word magnets made available from Grandma Pat.

It has been persistently busy here. Erin’s been run ragged with stuff to do with the launch of Sorrow’s Knot. Fortunately, we’ve been bouyed by the consistently good reviews the book has received. There’s a lot still to do, however, as we lead up to the launch party being held at Words Worth Books (where Erin will share the stage with R.J. Anderson) this Saturday at 3 p.m (note correction! —jb).

I’ve been pretty busy myself, focusing on getting a big project out the door for my real-estate broker client. But I have managed to make time for other things, including more progress on The Night Girl and two columns for the The Kitchener Post. It’ll be nice to have a breather, but that’s not happening for a little while yet.

Still, this is the life we signed up for. As tiring as this stuff is, we’re still a lot happier than we would be if we were working at something else just to cash a paycheque.

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