Vivian Katherine's Eighth Birthday


It’s hard to believe that we’re just two years away from leaving Vivian’s first decade, but our little girl is already acting like a young teenager. She is also smart as a whip, confident, and wants to be a scientist when she grows up.

Case in point, our birthday celebration for her was held at the Laurel Creek Nature Centre, which hosts birthday parties. For $160, they can take up to 12 kids ages six and up, show them neat animals, walk them down to a pond to look at fishes, roast things by a camp fire, and tell stories. The kids were absolutely enthralled, and even tried out having hissing cockroaches placed on their ears as earrings, after Erin gave it a go.

I’m pleased. We host the best birthday parties, and we don’t blow the budget, or go for Disney theme parties, and everyone has a good time.

More photographs of the event can be seen here. Another highlight of the party was a game of See Where the Turtle Goes, which was kind of like spin the bottle, except with a live turtle and no spinning (or anything else that spin the bottle typically entails). Nora won handily as the turtle went to her three times. You can see her reaction below.


Incidentally, the first picture was taken during today’s breakfast, when we found that our diner’s knives were inexplicably magnetic. Any theories as to what happened here?

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