No Ennui on the TTC


Spotted on the Yonge subway station platform on October 10, 2013. The TTC is too cool for people who are too cool for the TTC.

Last week was extremely hectic as Erin dealt with her American launch of Sorrow’s Knot. She’s still neck deep in publicity, and has been guest-posting on a number of blogs. This post, defending fantasy against the snobby disdain of the non-genre literaturists, is getting a lot of good attention.

As for me, I had planned to write the NaNoWriMo this month (in a bout of insanity), but at the end of October, I knew it couldn’t be done. Never mind the lack of time; I’ve hit a good spot in The Night Girl. It’s not finished, and there’s another 5,000 or so words to write, but I have a good idea what those words are, and I really need to get them down. I also have a good idea of some of the 10,000 words I need to eliminate within the first 40% of the novel. I can’t have the NaNoWriMo distracting me, though I may end up writing the thing in reverse, if my cuts are effective.

In other news, I wrote and published the following:

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