Dodging Bullets (Fingers Crossed)

That is to say, of the weather variety.

We left Kitchener today, expecting to run into weather. It was raining when the day started and the temperatures were hovering around freezing, and we were concerned about traffic conditions on the way. Staying, however, wasn’t an option because, as difficult as the traffic could have been today, Sunday promised a full-on ice storm, with power outages and significant traffic disruption.

So, with some trepidation, we headed out onto the highway. It wasn’t too bad. The temperatures stayed just warm enough for the rain not to freeze. The worst thing we encountered on the way was fog. By Windsor, however, most of the fog had cleared up. Once we were through Detroit, the roads started to dry up. I’d thought we’d struggle through to Ann Arbor, but we instead decided to push our way past Chicago. The weather promised 10-15 centimetres for the city on Saturday, and we didn’t want to deal with Chicago traffic under those conditions.

Well, we’re now in Joliet, with another five hours of driving ahead of us. The temperature is warm enough for me to go back and forth from the hotel to the car without a coat. Looking ahead, ice and snow are likely, but they may hold off until Saturday evening. Let’s hope so. Then we’ll be safe and warm when the weather hits, and it will be a little while before we have to brave the roads again.

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