Omaha Thaw


We have been having some truly bizarre weather here in Omaha and western Iowa. The picture above is taken from our trip from Omaha, Nebraska to Vermillion, South Dakota. When we left Omaha, the temperatures were in the teens, celsius. The snow has basically melted and the ground smells like it’s thawing. Then, as evening approached, the temperature cooled rapidly, and the low tonight is expected to be at Fahrenheit Zero.

Even more bizarrely, little or no precipitation is expected with this cold front. Just wind, and lots of it. Tomorrow, the pictures will likely look the same, except the temperature will be more than thirty degrees colder.

The thaw came to us around Boxing Day, and the kids took full advantage of it playing at the school playground across the street from the house we were staying at.

Not much else to say, except the kids are happy, and travelling troopers. Tomorrow we head back to Des Moines and, sometime around New Year’s Eve or Day, home.


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