A Year of Change and Status Quo

Overall, I can’t complain about 2013. We have our health, we have our family, and we have the promise of big changes in the near future. But January 1, 2014, sees us in much the same position we were on January 1, 2013, and in some respects, that is frustrating.

We’ve had some highlights, though. There was the successful release and critical acclaim for Erin’s Sorrow’s Knot. That book has debuted even more strongly than Plain Kate, which I hope bodes well for its future. The last quarter of 2013 was spent promoting the book, which I hope will give it a leg up, but I know that Erin is tired of promoting and looking forward to getting back to writing.

But by far the biggest change that arrived in 2013 was the approval that will allow my in-laws to move up to Canada permanently. My kids are over the Moon to have a second set of grandparents move close, and this will be good for the family. 2014 promises to be interesting as we all adjust to new routines in our relationships, and I’m looking forward to it.

My own writing has continued apace. I’ve earned more through my writing this year than I did in any year previous, and I invested a lot of time rewriting Perpetua’s story from scratch. Overall, I’m pleased with the results.

But as jobs go, writing has no job security, and there’s always worry over where the next paycheque will come from. On January 1, 2014, I’m waiting for the same breaks I was waiting for on January 1, 2013. I know they are out there and that they are coming. I know I have only to be patient. But patience is hard.

I wish all my readers a happy and prosperous 2014. May your changes be good ones, and may your beloved haunts remain. And if you have been waiting and working for your dreams to come in 2013, I hope 2014 is the year when they arrive.

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