Extreme Conditions

It’s been a bit of a roller coaster week. We started back from Des Moines the day after New Years, again watching the weather. We managed to avoid and dodge the worst of it, but still encountered the aftermath of lake effect snow around Chicago and stopped for the night at Portage, Indiana. That meant for a longer trip home on January the 3rd, but at least it was a safe trip.

I’m pleased to say that my mother-in-law Rosemarie and her husband Michael are now officially landed immigrants in Canada, the culmination of a years long process. We secured approval back this summer, and they have been spending the autumn putting their affairs in order back in Des Moines and securing themselves a place to stay, here. There’s still much to be done before they move in to their new place, but now that we’re safe at home, we’ve cocooned a bit, resting out the various storms.

Today was the kids’ first day of school which, miraculously, wasn’t declared a snow day in spite of six inches of snow the night before. Frankly, given the driving conditions, I’m wondering if the board didn’t make a mistake. I’m also wondering if the board decided to declare this day open in anticipation of declaring tomorrow closed. There’s a blizzard warning in the wake of Winter Storm Ion which passed by last night. Crippling cold weather coupled with high winds and lake effect snow squalls could give us whiteout conditions tonight and officials from Environment Canada are on the radio, frankly one step away from freaking out.

I remember facing days like these as a child, and how exciting it all was to be dealing with unusual weather. As an adult, and a bit of a weather junkie, I’m also excited, but I note one strong caveat: I didn’t have to drive as a kid.

But we are all home and safe, the power is on (for now) and the house is warm. On days like these, you can’t ask for many better things.

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