Why, Thank You!


A sign spotted a couple of weeks ago at a gas station on Derry Road in Mississauga. Talk about taking lemons and making lemonade. Or, possibly undercutting the goodwill received by this unexpected sale.

Here are a few things that I’ve written in the past couple of weeks…

I’m also working on the second draft of my rewrite of The Night Girl; so far, so good, as I’m now over 5,250 words on this project.

Mostly, however, I’m just trying to bear up to this winter. In the “winter wimps” column for the Kitchener Post, I was absolutely including myself in the commentary, because I can see what the cold is doing to me, and how warmer weather reduces my ability to handle the cold stuff. Today, as I write this, it’s -3’C. Two months ago, I’d be “brrrrrrr!!”. Today, it feels positively balmy.

And, yes, the snow trenches are now taller than Nora’s head, which leads me to believe that she will remember this winter for some time to come, and wonder where all the snow has gone in her taller years.

Finally, happy Chinese New Year to any and all reading this. Good luck in the Year of the Horse.

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