The Ninth of Farch

Though we’ve had colder winters (2009 was colder), this winter has been a little hard on the soul. Looking ahead at the forecast, there is not a day in the next two weeks when the temperature will rise above freezing. We are going to receive dusting after dusting over the next few days and, frankly, I’m wondering where we’re going to put the stuff. The sidewalks have turned into trenches with snowbanks that are taller than Nora’s head.

The delivery of kids at the school has become positively chaotic, as these snowbanks have reduced the narrow residential street to a single lane that cars now have to negotiate in both directions. I think everybody is looking forward to the days when the snowbanks go away, but this looks to be a long time in coming.

I know I shouldn’t complain. Things are much worse on the Bruce Peninsula (over seven feet of accumulation). But I still have to live my own experience. As I said in my column for the Kitchener Post, our three warmer winters previous have turned us into wimps. Maybe I could handle this weather better in earlier years. Those muscles are currently rusty from lack of use, and I’m still suffering.

But I keep telling myself that spring will be glorious when it finally comes. And we know it will. That’s why I try not to complain too much. We can’t really appreciate spring for what it is, if winter is only half so powerful.

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