2858th Post

Am I still blogging? Isn’t that so ten years ago?

Well, twelve, actually, but who’s counting?

It is interesting looking back and seeing how the landscape has changed since I signed up for a Blogger account and started writing whatever came into my head in a public forum. Today, it’s hard to believe that blogging was ever hot — that having your own domain name and blogging software setup was the epitome of hip (at least, in the geek world). Today, it’s hard to believe that I once got 28 comments on one blog post (my review trashing Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight).

All of the action is on Facebook these days, and Twitter. If I’m honest with myself, blogging used to be about finding interesting things online, sharing the link to them, and providing my thoughts. Facebook has made that easier, and has given me a ready-made audience of friends and family (many of whom have moved over from this blog).

Movable Type, the software that backs this blog of mine, has faded from prominence, and is trying on a new business-oriented model requiring some users to pay $600 for a five-user multi-blog license. There is no thought given to the massive community of individual users that Movable Type used to serve because, by and large, they don’t exist any more.

So, more than a few times, I’ve wondered why I should stay here and why I should keep posting. More and more often, I’ve realized that I haven’t blogged for almost a week, and feel like it was a chore to log in again and post. I’ve posted to Facebook daily. Maybe it’s time to move on?

I’m not going to, though. I still hope to have more books published in my future. Both Erin and I are maintaining personal websites and blogs as that is a way to engage an audience more deeply than just through Facebook and Twitter. And while writing shouldn’t always be a chore, it is important to make a habit of writing each and every day — or, at least once a week — because it’s a muscle that can get flabby without regular exercise.

But, most of all, I like the fact that I’ve gathered over 2,800 posts under this domain. These are all my words, and I can download them off the server and they are undeniably mine. See the URL up there? It doesn’t say someotheraddress.com/jamesbow, it says bowjamesbow.ca. This is and remains my personal journal, and I just happened to leave it in a place where people can pick it up and read.

The posts here will not come as frequently as they used to, but they will come. I will, God willing, have good news to share, and here is where I want to share it.

So, thanks to everybody who is reading this post (particularly those who came here via my links on Facebook and Twitter), and thanks to everybody I’ve had the privilege to engage with over the past twelve years through this strange experiment. Here’s to the next years. I look forward to seeing you there.

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