Cue Angry E-mails In 3... 2... 1... Ah, here we go...

My latest column for the Kitchener Post can be found here. In it, I launch a four part series entitled “The Case for the Candidates”. As I explained in the column:

“…politicians of all stripes enter politics because they want to make a difference for the better. So, I thought it would be good to look at the parties and try to think positively.

“Today, and for the next three weeks, I will be writing about why to vote for the three mainstream parties, and more besides…”


Going by order of seat count, I started by writing a column about the positives of Ontario Liberal leader Kathleen Wynne. It’s similar to a series of columns I ran on the Ontario party leaders back in 2007 (see here, here, here and here), with a couple of differences. Writing for the Kitchener Post, I have to conform my columns within their word count limit. I also have to write to deadline.

Anyway, I had hoped it was clear that this column was going to focus on each individual candidates’ positives, and that each candidate for premier would have a turn. However, my column talking up the positives of Kathleen Wynne has garnered its first angry e-mail:

Here are thought it would be a non partisan column. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Journalists properly are non partisan, except at this left wing rag.

You state that Ontario income taxes are the second lowest in Canada(rubbish) do you not remember your hero Dalton (I won’t raise taxes) nailed us with the health levy (tax) of up to$900 each. Of course not that wouldn’t work into your Liberal slant.

To say that Hudak would have cancelled the gas plants is true as Horwath said also. What you failed to mention is that Hudak and Horwath had no say in the location of the plants. You also failed to mention that the cancellation was not by the government but by the Liberal party.

No mention of the debt or the countless other scandals, hard drive erasing anyone.

You read like a card packing Liberal.

Fair enough. I posted this reply:

Thank you for your email. I appreciate the comments and the fact that I moved you to write. Given that this is a four part series where each part talks up the positives of all the candidates, I hope you’ll like next week’s better when I talk up Tim Hudak. You probably won’t like week three when I talk about Horwath. Your reaction to week four should be interesting.

Also, please remember that I’m limited to 600 words in these columns. So plenty of stuff has to get left out.

My final point is that I’m not a journalist, here. I am a columnist. The mandate of these columns are for me to give my opinion. That’s a bit different from a news story.

Hope this email finds you well.

It will be interesting to see if they write back, or if they have any response to next week’s column.

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