Twelve Mile Road

We started the first leg of our journey today, a two-week tour of Iowa, Nebraska and South Dakota. We are visiting family once again, even though two very important members of our family (my mother-in-law and her husband) came across the border with us back in January, with permission to stay.

Turns out, Nebraska is a lot easier to get to than California. Despite offering ludicrous economy travel, the fares are far from economy. With a flight of four to California topping out over $3000, we realized that my father-in-law and his wife would be in Nebraska for two weeks at the end of July to visit family. This was a golden opportunity, even if it means driving, with no sanctuary in Des Moines on offer.

But the kids are troopers, as always, and we’ve made this journey into something of an art form, knowing the best routes to take, and the best crossing to use. Though construction in Detroit threw us for a loop. I now type this in a hotel room just west of Detroit. I’m not too far off of I-94, so we should be back on track tomorrow. The hotels in this area seem to be operating at near capacity; many times in the past two years, we’ve had our plans to just drop in on a place hoping for a room dashed by some event or something that keeps kicking us miles down the road. Today, we lucked into the last suite in the place, and we were in bed by 10:30 p.m.

Fortunately, the hotels for Saturday and Sunday are pre-booked.

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