Hello Calgary, Hello Lethbridge!

We didn’t quite get up at the crack of dawn, but close. I now type this at the boarding gate for Air Canada’ flight to Calgary, departing at 10. Erin’s reading at Word on the Street Lethbridge, and there’s school readings at Calgary on Tuesday. This combined with a research trip to Saskatoon has us hopping around Alberta and Saskatchewan for the week on business.

The grandparents are watching the kids and we miss them dearly already, but I’m excited. Except for Jasper, we kind of breezed through Saskatchewan and Alberta during our trip on the Canadian, two years ago. I’m looking forward to seeing what I missed.

So, to start with, I have to ask: any food recommendations when we’re in Lethbridge, Calgary or Saskatoon? What’s the signature sandwich?

And, it should go without saying, if you’re anywhere near Lethbridge this Sunday, come out and hear Erin read!

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