Vivian Katherine's Ninth Birthday


It’s amazing to think that nine years have passed since my eldest daughter came into this world. As I’m sure I’ve said before, it feels just like yesterday when I saw her born, and it also feels like she’s been here forever.

And she’s reaching a point where I can tell that further changes are afoot. She’s engaging with the world, now, and listening to the news. On more than one occasion, I’ve had to explain why certain things happened, and what certain things are, and I wasn’t entirely ready to do that. Time to suck it up, I guess. Her perception, and her ability to listen in on conversations, isn’t going to go away. And much as I her father want to shield her from some things in this world, my responsibility as a parent is to get her ready to meet it. Whatever speed she picks, it will be faster than I’m comfortable with, but as fast as it needs to be.

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