Many Moving Boxes


It’s been a lengthy ordeal. We started gearing up to move back in October, when we raced to place our house on the market in order to try and entice a homeowner to accept our offer (they weren’t accepting any offer that was conditional on the sale of the house). That didn’t work, but we committed ourselves to finding a place that we like, sold our house three times (two offers fell through for various reasons), and discovered this new place after we’d decided, in our heads, that a house well outside Vivian’s school district was the way to go. We then put our life in boxes, and it is amazing how many boxes that takes.

Today, I’m writing this on the couch of our new home. The guys at Two Guys and a Truck movers did an excellent job making moving day go smoothly. We’ve also successfully unloaded a POD of bric-a-brac that we packed up in November when we set about reducing clutter to stage our home. Our life is in just as many boxes today as they were two days ago, but at least now the deadlines aren’t pressing, and we aren’t asking ourselves, “Holy Cow, are we actually going to be able to do this.”

There’s still a lot of work to do, and we are flat out exhausted, but I feel good about the new place. We now have a separate office, and don’t have to decide between using our dining room table to work, or serve food. It’s light, airy, and the neighbourhood is very walkable.

Now, to unpack these boxes…

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