Weekend in (Great Wolf) Paradise


For a variety of reasons, we got out of the habit of giving the kids their allowances back in October. One of the reasons was money was tight due to a delayed advance cheque; the other reason was things were so busy planning a home sale and a move, it just slipped our minds. When the time came to rectify this oversight, and give the kids their moneys owed, a substantial amount had collected, so we encouraged them to save a third of it, spend a third of it, and give a third of it to charity.

The local humane society got a $140 donation, and the kids have money put away. For the remainder, the kids decided the big-spending item would be a weekend at the Great Wolf Lodge water park over a weekend. We quietly rounded up the expense, but the girls firmly believe they are treating us.

Whatever the case, the kids are enjoying themselves tremendously. And the Great Wolf Lodge is basically a license to print money. The place is packed. And in addition to a waterpark, there’s a scavenger hunt game involving magic wands and items that light up when zapped. I haven’t worn my iPhone to the waterpark, but I still managed to put 12,000 steps onto the pedometer, and we haven’t been outside the hotel all day.

I think the kids will sleep well, tonight. Certainly, we will.

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