John Crosbie Unleashed


My American friends — and Canadians who came of political age after 1993 — may not truly appreciate this gem, but it’s clear that Newfoundlander conservative John Crosbie hasn’t lost the fire that made him a force in federal politics, even as it got him into trouble more than once.

John Crosbie’s son, Ches, was running for the Conservative nomination for the Newfoundland riding of Avalon. Inexplicably, though he was the only candidate (and the deadline for candidacy in the upcoming election was June 25), Conservative party brass saw fit to deny his papers.

Ches announced this by way of a press release, but he did not seem really interested in engaging the press. His father, on the other hand…

Ches Crosbie is a prominent St. John’s lawyer and was the only person vying for the Conservative nomination in Avalon. On Wednesday, Ches issued a press release saying that “decision-makers at party headquarters in Ottawa decided I wasn’t the type of candidate they wanted.”

Ches Crosbie was not available for comment but his father…

Oh, here we go…

“The audacity of some small, unknown committee of people up in Ottawa that could have this power…is not only insulting, it’s a disgrace…I can’t explain my scorn and disdain. I am am really browned off!”

“If it wasn’t for my age, I’m 84, I’d bloody-well put my hat in the ring in the next couple of weeks. I’d run myself…I’m tempted to do that.”

“They don’t care about helping the party. They want to help themselves be influential in all Newfoundland affairs so they can dictate to us down here in Newfoundland what the federal attitude is.”

“I can’t understand why the leader of the party would let these flunkies from his office or somebody’s staff dealing with Newfoundland affairs…why they would be allowed to cause the trouble that they’re causing.”

“To be insulted like this, it’s just intolerable.”

“I’m very disappointed in the party and how they’re behaving. They’re going to have a hell of a hard job to win the next election, that’s for sure.”

If you’re like me, you’re picturing the reporter just holding up a microphone silently, hair and clothes being blown back in the wind.

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