Ancient Tinkertoys


I realize, upon titling this post, that I may have inadvertently insulted my father-in-law, Wendell. I suspect these tinker toys are his. But no offence is intended, and the fact is, toys can become ancient before people do.

Besides, they could also have been Erin’s and Wendy’s. I myself remember those days when Tinker Toys were wooden rather than plastic, and far easier to break. I even remember my father making the merry-go-round detailed in the photograph below.

This picture was taken during our visit to California at the beginning of the summer holidays. I came into Wendell and Judy’s living room and saw the kids happily playing with these antiques, and Wendell and Judy watching them, smiling.

I suspect these toys could fetch a pretty penny on eBay these days, but who can put a price on that moment on the living room floor?


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