What the Heck, Facebook?

Is it just me, or is Facebook getting really slow, of late?

On numerous times, I’d try to access a post, or a group, or even refresh a page, and the website would respond… sluggishly. Sometimes, only manually typing in the Facebook URL and starting over gets me results, and even then, not a lot of Facebook posts would appear.

Case in point, during the time that Facebook has hanged, I have logged into my Movable Type installation, launched a new entry for my blog, written this entry, and then posted it to the net, all while my Facebook session just sits here.

That tells me that this is Facebook’s problem, and not a problem with my Internet connection. However, given how much Internet time I spend on Facebook these days, it means a significant deterioration in the quality of my Internet time.

Well, credit to Facebook for showing how dependent we are on one site. It shows me that I’m wise to keep this blog up and running.

And it is startling to think about the chaos that could happen if somebody actually did knock Facebook off the webs.

A quick check, and I’m still hanging. Way to fail, Facebook!

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