Where Steven Moffat Gets His Ideas...

“Right, let’s see. I need something with the tension of a minefield, but creepier. Hmm… What rhymes with ‘landmines’? ‘Andmines’? No. ‘Bandmines’? Hmm… Boy gets attacked by the Beatles. No. Keith Richards? NO! Too scary. ‘Candmines’? The Happiness Patrol did that, didn’t it? ‘Dandmines’? ‘Eandmines?’ Is that even a word? No. ‘Fanmines’? Hmm… attacked by whirling fans — maybe whirling Doctor Who fans! That could work… no. ‘Ganmines’? Boy steps on one and is pounced upon by a castmember of Blake’s Seven. Maybe. ‘Handmines’? ‘Iandm—’”

“Wait! ‘Handmines’? ‘Handmines’… ‘Handmines.’ That could work…”


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