Winter Here, But Not Like Over There

We had another decent amount of snow Friday night as Erin and I went to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens (good movie, by the way! Definitely go see it). It was enough to coat the ground and make driving somewhat treacherous, but it was still welcome. This time of year, to be standing outside without a jacket on a December evening — which I was doing just two days earlier — just felt wrong.

And, unfortunately, it doesn’t look like it will last. The weather calls for rain and temperatures upwards of 10’C. While it’s nice not to have to scrape off the car, it does mean that we’ll likely have a green Christmas, so the kids are going to be disappointed. In the meantime, here’s a film above of how a railroad handles a real winter, south of the border in Aurora, Nebraska.

And below is a shot of my kids going off to their last day of school before Christmas.


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