Not Sure What I Called Down on Myself, But Something...

So, I’m driving to a used goods store to purchase some old lamps for my office. To get to parking, I have to travel along a narrow lane behind the store. I turn onto the lane and come to a stop behind an idling vehicle. Turns out we’re both waiting for this poor old man, hobbling along with a cane, navigating the icy laneway with some difficulty.

We’re patient people, though, so we wait, and the man gives us a friendly wave as he passes us by.

I move on, and then stop again, as somebody on crutches slowly crosses my path on the same icy laneway. Again, I’m patient, and my day doesn’t involve cane or crutches, so I wait without rancour.

However, as I park my car and get out, I do think to myself, “this would be a challenging laneway to have mobility issues on.”

And that’s when I slip on a patch of ice and fall spectacularly on the ground.

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