Author Photographs


As we get closer to the launch of Icarus Down with Scholastic Canada this fall, I’ve been brushing up on my professional tools and getting ready to help Scholastic market the book.


The photograph that I’d been using as an author picture was now decades old, and desperately in need of updating. It was also a candid shot, and the only one I had. While it was decent, I wanted to see what a professional could do and if I could get a selection.

I eventually turned to Christine Saunders, the mother of one of Vivian’s friends. I was impressed by her work, and the fact that she was nearby was a definite bonus. I reached out to her, we agreed on rates and a time, and she came over as scheduled for an hour of taking pictures.

I think she did an excellent job. I’ve uploaded all the selected photos to an album on Facebook. She had a great eye for background and light, and she was great at making me feel more comfortable and smile more naturally.

As you can see comparing my old photograph to the two others, I’ve gotten quite grey this past decade, but what are you going to do?

So, if you need pictures done of yourself, I highly recommend her! Thanks again, Christine!


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