Shoots in the Garden


It’s been one of those days when the writing hasn’t come easily. I’ve been noodling, and getting distracted by such time sinks as Facebook and Minecraft. I can say that I built a pretty kick-ass lair, at least, with a column of lava and everything. But that’s not something a writer should brag about.

I can say, though, that the sky is blue and the temperature is above freezing. The snow has almost vanished, and shoots are coming up in our garden. Nora’s delighted over that. Even though things may not be the way we like them, at least there are shoots in the garden.

(Edited to Add at 18:48): The day’s looking up. We went out for some comfort food (Al Medina’s) and then, while doing laundry, I found no less than $42 had been washed. Laundry is a lucrative business!

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